Basic 1 hr Waterfront Segway Tour $40

This basic tour is for anyone just wanting to experience the Segway for an hour! We will start you off with a video in shop, get some helmets on you, get you acclimated and then ride out to the parking lot for a short lesson. Then off you go on a nice scenic cruise along the waterfront and boardwalk. There are only a few narration points on this tour but otherwise it is simply CRUISING!

Total training for all tours except adavanced is aprox. 15-20 min depending on size of group and individual learning rate.





Extended 1 1/4 hr Waterfront Segway Tour $45

We'll start you off with a short video, get you acclamated in the shop on your Segway and then we'll ride out to a spacious practice area where you'll learn the basics of riding and will have time to practice and get comfortable on the unit.

This is an extended version of our basic Waterfront tour with a few interesting Historic landmarks added with additional narration.You'll glide with your guide out into the historic neighborhood to include the oldest home in Wilmington, the Sears Robuck Twins, The Verandas, The Dudley Mansion and a few more sites before making our way down to the riverfront for a nice glide along the waterfront.




Our Original Wilmington Historic & Waterfront Tour 1hr 45min Segway Tour $55

For 6 years the Historic and Waterfront tour has been our original and most popular tour! Instead of raising the price we decided to give you the same comprehensive tour route but at a slightly quickened pace of 1hr and 45min for the colder winter months. This tour covers the most ground!

It really gives you a bit of everything! This is a fun filled, narrative tour which enables you to glide back in time on "state of the art" modern transportation as you traverse Wilmington's historical past and modern present. Tour includes the Graystone Inn, Bergwin Wright Home, Latimir House, Cotton Exchange, the oldest home and building in Wilmington, Sears Robuck Twins, a "haunted" home or two and much more. Of course fun filled facts and history to boot along with some useful and useless tidbits of information thrown in make this a really fun tour! And of course it includes a scenic cruise along the riverfront boardwalk out and around Wilmington's New Convention Center...




"DEEPER SOUTH" Advanced 75min Segway Cruise $50


We've nicknamed this our "DEEPER SOUTH" segway tour since we travel further into the Historic Downtown and less accessible walking areas of the historic district. The route includes the gorgeous Bellamy Mansion, Wilmington's Oldest Cemetary, historic architectually diverse Churches and the first Synagogue in NC among other sites. And of course the route includes some of Wilmington's finest examples of victorian homes. Plenty of opportunity for some great photography!

This is an ADVANCED Segway Tour with some diverse terrain which takes us across 3rd street along historic 4th and 5th streets. 

We cover a good amount of ground in the 75min so previous Segway riding experience is mandatory. If you have joined us on any of our other tours or have previous riding experience you will like this tour which is mostly riding and very little naration! No training is given although we do a brief re-acclimation on the Segway before we go.IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ON OUR MAIN TOUR WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT OVER THIS TOUR SINCE THERE ARE MORE HISTORIC STOPS WITH NARRATION.